Servco Commercial Cleaning Services

Servicing New York City (Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn), Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester County! We make sure your workspace is ready for the next active day's business. We understand that the appearance of a clean and organized office and workplace improves performance and quality of living while at work each day. Not just for those that work at your office, but those that visit as well.




Floor Care & Restoration

Servco Industries has nearly 40 years of experience in floor stripping, waxing and sealing of all vinyl, ceramic and marble surfaces. We utilize the latest, most advanced floor care tools to ensure a first rate job. Regardless of a one-time project or an ongoing service, we have the experience and tools to get it done, the Servco Clean way! From single disk floor machines to propane buffers and scrubbers Servco Industries is your floor care professional.




Restroom Sanitation

Let's face it, what is worse than a dirty restroom that has a foul odor? At Servco Industries, we understand the importance of a clean restroom. We are deeply committed to restrooms that sparkle and are fully sanitized. We train our staff on the best methods in which to attack this breeding ground for germs. From one a one stall restroom to massive shopping center rest areas, we have the programs and the knowledge to get it done right. We get it clean and keep it clean!




Carpet Care

Anyone can clean a carpet, but not everyone can get it clean. In order to clean carpets effectively, you need to understand what the carpet is compiled of. You also need to know the stain and soil you are attacking. No two carpets are cleaned the same way and no one chemical gets all carpets cleaned. With nearly 40 years of Janitorial Service Experience Servco Industries is your one stop carpet care company.




Window Cleaning

There are many aspects and intricacies to window cleaning. Proper rigging of a building and securing of the areas, as well as finding experienced window cleaners that get the job done quickly and professionally.

This can be a daunting task. Window cleaning requires skilled professionals. Washing the windows in a home can be accomplished by almost anyone, but washing exterior glass 12 stories up is a task you entrust to Servco Industries. The next time you need a quote for window cleaning, choose the company with nearly 40 years! experience!
That's Servco Industries.




Grout Cleaning

Restrooms and kitchens normally have the greatest accumulation of discolored or dirty grout. This is often caused by many things from spillage of soaps and perfumes, as well as other items that can normally spill into the grout. When this happens, the joints can discolor as those items dry in the crevices in between the tile. Surface cleaning is just how it sounds. It only cleans the surfaces! Servco Industries can show you how to get that stubborn dirt out of those cracks by using our grout cleaning equipment. Through utilization of a deep steam process and stratogrip brushes, we get deep into the pours of the grout getting it substantially cleaner. Remember a floor that looks dirty is dirty and is a breeding ground for germs. Get Servco Industries the grout cleaning specialist to get your grout Servco Clean!




Building Maintenance

The term Building Maintenance is often confused with mechanical repairs and upkeep of machinery. Building Maintenance is however, the upkeep of the cleanliness of a large variety of commercial or retail buildings. Building Maintenance programs often are buildings that require coordinated, well thought out programs and janitorial systems that get the job done properly in the most systematic formula. People often take for granted what it takes to get a 30 story high-rise cleaned each night. All everyone knows is that the office was cleaned! With literally thousands of work spaces and cubicles, it takes a well-defined program to get it all coordinated. Servco Industries has 40 years of building maintenance experience.




Porter Services

We have day and evening staff available to maintain your facility while you are open. Both male and female attendants are here to keep your space clean and tidy 24/7/365. Busy offices often require an individual to keep the premises clean, while your day is in operation. That's when you give Servco the call to keep you clean throughout your workday. We make sure your visitors and clients see your image as squeaky clean.



Handyman & Superintendent Services

Servco Industries offers both fulltime on site supers and handymen, as well as periodic and/or part time services. Many complexes require on-site superintendents and handymen to tend to daily requirements. We have many flexible programs to choose from that allow you peace of mind that your repairs are done professionally by a skilled tradesman. Have a repair job? Call the experts at Servco Industries.



Lobby Attendants & Doormen

Want to stop solicitors and others that should are not allowed from entering your building? Would you like a well-dressed professional announcing your guests as they enter your lobby? Servco Industries has been watching and screening visitors in lobbies for the last ten years. As the security needs began to arise after the 9/11 incidents, Servco Industries was there to help keep out those who had wrongful intentions. We help keep your building a safer place!



Emergency Services & Special Events

Having an event where you need an after party shape up? We clean in a big way from event clean up, to setting up tables and chairs, and we can set and breakdown your event tents. We offer full event cleaning services and disaster recovery services as well. We can clean out water soaked basements, or just send in our A team to clean out years of junk stored in a shop or old forgotten storage room. If you need laborer, look no further then Servco Industries!