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Toys 'R' Us

When Toys �R� Us needed a contractor to handle there busiest Manhattan location, they turned to the Professional Commercial Cleaning Services of Servco Industries. This massive Times Square stores is a big attraction that needs a big contractor. Servco gets this site � Servco Clean � seven days per week.
If Toys 'R' Us, the nation�s #1 Toy Store trusts us, Shouldn�t You?

Industries Cleaning


For 15 years Servco Industries has been New York�s premier cleaning service for Kmart. Big retail box stores demand attention and flexibility. When the busy shopping day ends in New York City�s busiest Kmart store, our job begins cleaning millions of square footage of retail space.


FAO Schwarz

When people visit FAO Schwarz, they expect to find toys and hosted events that can only be found at FAO on Madison Avenue. Its 20 years that Servco Industries has been delivering the impeccable services that shoppers would expect to find at FAO�s New York City location.

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The Sports Authority

Servco Industries has been maintaining many Sports Authority sites for the past ten years. These massive athletic stores draw big crowds, causing the floors and carpets to get a workout every day! We are the experts at getting your retail store back to clean! We have the equipment and experience to make your floors and carpets shine like they were never dirty. Call Servco Industries, the carpet and tile experts!


Schildwachter Fuel Oil

Oil Companies and refineries create lots of dirt. Not just any dirt either. Oil and other solvents can destroy almost any surface. Carpets and tile quickly deteriorate when they are not cleaned by a professional like Servco Industries. Schildwachter Fuel Oil trust us to handle this type of work. Look no further for the right service to clean your plant. It�s Servco Industries!


B R Guest Restaurants

Great meals and busy restaurants require a big clean up. Cleaning busy commercial kitchens that serve the public is also a demanding job. Not just any contractor cleans the B R Guest Restaurant locations. Servco Industries gets the call from the bullpen to get the back of the house and front of the house Servco clean. We have extensive kitchen cleaning experiences in dealing with the toughest kitchen cleaning problems.


Wellington Court

Have a residential complex that needs cleaning services in New York? We do not just service commercial office space and buildings. Servco Industries maintains many residential buildings in and around New York City. In fact, we maintain many of New York Cities premium buildings on Central Park West. From simple common area cleaning requirements, to complicated grounds care and mechanical boiler room functions, you can count on Servco Industries!


ADT Security

There busy Elmsford NY Office location has hundreds of salesmen, telemarketers and technicians each day in and out of this site. Busy cubicles overflowing with garbage, and aggressively used break rooms and bathrooms require professional office cleaners. Servco Industries has been with ADT for ten years getting their location clean. And keeping it Servco Clean!

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White Plains Jaguar and Big Dee Volvo

High end car dealerships often cater to a very discerning client. These busy dealerships often have customer waiting areas where there clients conduct business, while waiting for their car to be serviced. Servco Industries is proud to be the service provider for White Plains Jaguar and Volvo. For many years Servco Industries has provided White Plains Jaguar and Big Dee Volvo with premier service for the premium car shopper! For many years Servco Industries has provided White Plains Jaguar and Big Dee Volvo with premier service for the premium car shopper!


The Volstead

Manhattan�s busy Volstead Restaurant is in the heart of Midtown on 54th street. This busy tapas Restaurant, Bar and Lounge packs people in all day, serving meal after meal and one drink after the next. The food is amazing and the ambiance is what you would expect in New York City. But it�s no easy job cleaning up behind the patrons at the day�s end. Food and beverages all have unique ingredients that can damage and stain fixture and furniture. Our Manager, Tony Battista has been in the thick of keeping The Volstead�s reputation in cleanliness, as good as their reputation as a premier spot to eat and drink.


Metro Optics

When John Bonizio, owner of Metro Optics came to Servco Industries for a cleaning contractor, he was cleaning his location in-house. John is a busy guy and keeping track of cleaning people in New York�s number one optical chain is not good use of his time. Servco Industries has created a program that keeps the Metro Optics chain ready for the next day of business. Put on your glasses if you like and take a closer look!


Montefiore Hospital

Satellite Medical Villages is their new wave of treating patients. Montefiore Medical has many sites in the localized New York area. When they need a cleaning service for some of these sites, they call upon Servco Industries.
Have a medical building or office that needs the Servco touch?


Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center

Medical facilities are always a breeding ground for disease and therefore require experienced and knowledgeable cleaning companies. For 20 years, Servco Industries has delivered cleaning and sanitizing of this busy Manhattan location. T his one site has over 50 restrooms to clean each evening. That�s a task that can only be entrusted to Servco Industries. Is your medical facility Servco Clean?



One good service company knows the others. Orkin is one of the leaders in extermination services with offices throughout the United States. They are serious about getting rid of those little pests that invade offices and commercial homes. When Orkin needed a cleaning service they also know who is the best. They rely on Servco Industries to get their offices clean. We deliver the same level of care and professionalism from our staff that Orkin demands from their staff. We are proud to say we service the cleaning needs of the #1 extermination service in the country.


Stickley Audi & Co

Fine furnishings and delicate material is the hallmark of this great furniture chain. These amazing stores require gentle professional care by knowledgeable cleaners. That�s why Stickley Audi chooses Servco Industries, the 35 year professional. We perform many of those services in the New York Manhattan showroom.
We have the gentle touch!


Paul Wasserman At Normandy Capital

We have had Servco Industries at 80 Maiden Lane for the past 20 years providing cleaning services for 600,000 square feet of commercial office space. We are very pleased with the services they provide and we highly recommend them!

Louis Sanchez At The Chetrit Group

Charles Cestaro from Servco Industries runs a great company. Their attention to detail has given us no reason to look elsewhere for any other janitorial service provider.

John Bonizio At Metro Optics

Far superior to past vendors��...


Servco Industries has been cleaning FAO SCHWARZ - Fifth Avenue Store for almost 20 years. Their manager Frank Ortiz really gets the job done.

William Signoretti � DFM At Sears/Kmart

I am the District Facility Manager for Sears Holding. Servco Industries maintains 11 Kmart stores in my district from Manhattan to Bridgehampton, Long Island. These stores are tough overnight assignments. Problems are few and far between!! They never disappoint me in my inspections.