Lobby Attendants and Concierge Security

First Impressions are huge! People make judgements on your business and you long before they even meet you. And when someone arrives at your building, what better way to greet them than a lobby attendant? This shows current and prospective clients that you take your business seriously and want everyone who enters to feel welcome and safe. Whether you own a building that you lease to other business or you have your own building, a lobby attendant or concierge security is the way to go.

Servco Industries, a leader in commercial cleaning services , has been watching and screening visitors in lobbies for the last ten years. As security needs began to increase after the 9/11 incidents, Servco Industries has helped keep out those with wrongful intentions. We help keep your building a safer place!

Lobby Attendants do much more than keep your building secure for potential threats. Stopping solicitors from bothering your tenants or clients is a basic role Servco has been fulfilling for years.

Keeping the lobby clean is another task any lobby attendant will perform to ensure that the first impression of your business is the best it can be.

Guests will find a lobby attendant extremely helpful because some buildings can be difficult to navigate. A lobby attendant from Servco will jump at the opportunity to help every visitor that walks through your door feel welcome and find exactly where they are going.

Want to stop solicitors and others that are not permitted to enter your building? Would you like a well-dressed professional Lobby Attendant or Doorman announcing your guests as they enter your lobby? Contact us today for more info.