Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Restrooms and kitchens normally have the greatest accumulation of discolored or dirty grout. This is often caused by many things from spillage of soaps and perfumes, as well as other items that can normally spill into the grout. When this happens, the joints can discolor as those items dry in the crevices in between the tile. Surface cleaning is just how it sounds. It only cleans the surfaces!

Servco Industries Janitorial Services can show you how to get that stubborn dirt out of those cracks by using our grout cleaning equipment. Through utilization of a deep steam process and stratogrip brushes, we get deep into the pours of the grout getting it substantially cleaner. Remember a floor that looks dirty is dirty and is a breeding ground for germs.
Get Servco Industries, the grout cleaning specialist to get your grout Servco Clean!