Cleaning Services in Bronx NY

Having a business in Bronx, NY is competitive. No matter what industry you are in the challenge of acquiring customers and great employees is a real challenge. Just as important as any brand is how your office looks and feels. A huge part of how an office feels is how clean it is. It’s not easy to work in a dirty environment and employees how are at an office longer than their own apartment sometimes notice when cleanliness is lacking. It is not just the overall cleaning that is important, it is the small details that often go uncleaned for months that need the daily attention that your office deserves.

There are a lot of cleaning services in Bronx, NY and we know the subpar service that some provide. Servco is committed to taking the most common complaints about professional cleaning services and fixing them. After 40 years and cleaning offices in NY we know how to make sure our clients stay thrilled with our service. Just a few features that come standard when hiring a Servco, a leading cleaning service in Bronx NY are:

Servco strives to be the absolute best cleaning service in Bronx NY. That means continually innovating our cleaning methods and technology to make sure our clients get the best cleaning for the best value. Since Servco is a full cleaning service company we offer the following services on a contractual or as needed basis:

Having a professional cleaning service that knows the needs of the the city that you work in. Weather in the Bronx, NY is different from even other parts of New York, let alone other states, so rely on a cleaning service that makes a living cleaning in NYC. Did you know it rains and snows 120 days of the year in the Bronx, NY. When it snows that means carpets get dirty more often and Servco is the most well-equipped cleaning service to handle the kind weather that gets tracked into buildings in the Bronx.

We handle every cleaning service you could possibly need. In addition to traditional office cleaning services, we also provide post-event clean up, disaster restoration, construction clean-up, elevator operations, and handyman services.

Servco employees are skilled and trained with the highest standards in the cleaning services industry, with a strong emphasis in health and safety. Our cleaners use the most effective methods for cleaning rather than the quickest methods to ensure your office is sparkling and sanitary. All workers are employed directly by Servco, with no subcontracted work. In addition to providing professional cleaning services, we also provide professional account management - managers who know and care about you and your business so you don’t have to get a headache over communicating with us.

We provide professional cleaning services in all boroughs in NYC. From a 30-floor high rise in Manhattan to a single-level store in Queens, we have the staff and resources to provide professional cleaning services anywhere in NYC.