Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are the unsung heros of any building. They take the most abuse of any part of a building and since carpet accounts for 51% of the total U.S. flooring market, it’s more than likely what your business uses. Carpet is responsible for dealing with all the dirt, liquids, hair, and anything else that falls on the floor. Carpet can contain up to 4 times itsweight in dirt and since in an office setting no one removes their shoes, it’s a realistic number.

Servco Industries is your New York Carpet Cleaning Solution. We understand that anyone can attempt to clean carpets, but not everyone can get them clean. In order to provide carpet care effectively, you need a professional carpet cleaning service with experienced carpet cleaners that specialize in commercial carpet cleaning. Servco Industries knows what excellence in carpet cleaning is compiled of, such as steam carpet cleaning and the type of stain and soil you are attacking. No two carpets are cleaned the same way and no one chemical provides for all your carpet cleaning needs. Call Servco Industries, we are your professional carpet cleaning service. We specialize in carpet care.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is becoming more and more popular for professional cleaning carpets because it has many advantages over traditional shampoos and chemicals. Since steam carpet cleaning only uses heated water, potentially harmful chemicals and shampoos are not used. This greatly benefits those with allergies, kids, and pets.

Stain Removal

Staining carpets seems to be one of those inescapable realities of life. Whether it’s spilling a cup of coffee or dropping Friday’s lunch, carpets will never stay perfect. In a professional environment your image is the first thing that visitors and potential clients see and judge you on. A stained carpet could really hurt your reputation with someone. Removing stains from carpet isn’t easy and having a professional carpet cleaning service like Servco get the stain out assures that the right chemical or steam was used for the particular stain.

Different Carpets require different methods of cleaning, and Servco has one of the most experienced and thorough carpet cleaning services in New York you’re going to find.

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