Building Maintenance Service

The term Building Maintenance is often confused with mechanical repairs and upkeep of machinery. However, Servco Industries defines Building Maintenance as the upkeep of the cleanliness of a large variety of commercial or retail buildings. Building Maintenance Services are often for buildings that require coordinated, well thought out programs and janitorial service systems that get the job done properly in the most systematic formula.

Having a large building doesn’t mean that you should expect to deal with an unreliable building maintenance service. Servco’s promise is one of unparalleled satisfaction for even the tallest building. We perform nightly cleaning tasks and just some of them are the following:

Servco Industries understands that people often don't realize what it takes to get a 30 story high-rise building cleaned each night. All everyone knows is that the office was cleaned! With literally thousands of work spaces and cubicles, it takes a well-defined program to get it all coordinated. Servco Industries has 40 years of building maintenance experience. Call us today!